Another small thing I learnt from Toni Epple last week—let's say you're localizing a JavaHelp set. Assuming your helpset is quite small, you can simply put the translated help files into the same folder as the originals, as shown below. Then, set this line in the "" file of your module (so that it will not be committed to your repo):run.args.extra=--locale de:DE
That's all, now you can run the module (or whole application) and during development time, without needing to switch the system locale, you can see your translated pages live in your application.
The image below summarizes all this, showing the translated files (i.e., those with "_de" in the name, including the table of contents file itself), as well as the open properties file, together with the "run.args.extra" setting the locale:

When the above module is run, only the files with "_de" as the suffix of their name will be displayed in the JavaHelp window. This tip must be very handy to anyone localizing their JavaHelp sets when wanting to see the localized versions live in the application during development.

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