ISV Fundamo is using GlassFish as the technical foundation for its Enterprise Platform, a comprehensive set of mobile financial services (wallet, banking, debit card modules, ...) offering a flexible multi-bank and multi-operator environment to enable different scenarios ranging from service as a platform to a mobile operator owned service.

As with any banking environment, performance and availability are key and Fundamo uses a couple of GlassFish clusters with integrated OpenMQ and reports that "The performance of the GlassFish server with OpenMQ is excellent. Our product runs extremely high volumes of banking transactions and we require very high throughputs. GlassFish seems to be coping well with this." (see the full Fundamo GlassFish questionnaire for more details as well as this earlier short video interview).

While Fundamo currently still uses GlassFish version 2.1.x, the lightweight, highly modular, and extensible nature of GlassFish v3 can only make the product an even better fit for software vendors and OEM's. Also, a new and welcome feature is the branding capabilities (see javadoc) which offers the ability to skin the admin console and customize the product name as you may see fit (product name, log, etc.).

Make sure you read the Fundamo detailled questionnaire for further information on how GlassFish is used to solve their business problems.

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