There are just ten more days till the end of April, so you know what that is almost May.


No, seriously, you have ten more days to make suggestions to improve default settings in Impress as part of the Renaissance subproject "Better Defaults".

The wiki page has been visited 1414 times as of this moment, so if you haven't seen the growing list there yet, get a move on and possibly even add your own favorite default setting improvement.

If, however, default settings are not on your personal list of "oh yeah, gotta change that!" stuff, but you still want to help, then here is the opportunity you've been waiting for: A nice little list (OK...not really, but the huge one I had before this worked like a stun-gun so this is like a squirt gun) of Issues that might fit the criteria for better defaults. When you find one that you think sounds good, add that issue (especially the number) to the wiki page.

Thank you everybody who has already "been there and done that".


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