An interesting comment made by Scott McNealy in "Scott McNealy Can Still Dish"
What Sun did wrong: “Sun has always been very early, and often way too early with a lot of our ideas. For example, in the ‘80s we were preaching that the network is the computer. Shame on us for not summing it up in one word – cloud. To sound a little Al Gore-ish we invented open source, but we went a little too aggressive over the last four years."

Regarding his own legacy in the business world: “I will be known as a good capitalist. We tried to balance the raging capitalist in me by sharing projects via open source.”
Okay, i know some people will make jokes about the "invented open source" stuff, but i think Scotty meant it in a similar way than Al Gore meant his "famous" "invented the Internet" statement. His statement "last four years" is interesting as well as almost exactly four years ago Jonathan Schwartz was promoted to CEO.

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