In America it's almost a national pastime to make fun of Rednecks.

But I love 'em.

On some days I swear I'm becoming one.

Shoot, one of my best friends is named JimBob.

Craig Morgan has a song called The Redneck Yacht Club.

I was listening to it this morning while sitting in my sweats, sneakers, and Ferrari cap behind the school bus. It was stopped, lights-a-blinkin', waiting for the kids to climb on. Once they all got in and sat down I would be able to drop off my daughter at the Country Market, where she meets her ride to school, another 20 minutes up the road.

I got to thinking that there ought to be rules about some things.

Like what you wear outside of the house, for instance.

I know, I know, when you get right down to it, there's really not a lot of difference between a cheap tuxedo and a pair of overalls. They are, after all, both made of cotton.

Except that there is.

And dropping off your little girl at the bus in pajama bottoms and bedroom slippers, a Marlboro hanging off your bottom lip, is simply not acceptable attire for any Momma. Redneck or not.

Even if the pajamas are a fashionable cerulian blue with tastefully spaced red and yellow 'possum prints that set off the faux fur on your bedroom slippers to best advantage.

After the bus left, she shuffled across the railroad tracks, waved at her friend standing in the window behind the rusty pontoon boat that's been parked in the front yard since 1982, bigger than the damn house, and headed home.

She lives next door to the RV storage and consignment lot. Each morning, she steps over the broken picket fence gate and goes back inside to finish her daily chores. Or last night's bottle of Jim Beam. Who knows. When you wear your pajama bottoms to the bus stop, anything is possible.

Even a proud people who value their freedom need standards.

For you, today, BigAdmin has a fine set of scripts by Prashant Pilankar. Scripts to Manage Oracle ZFS and UFS Filesystems

This tech tip by Prashant Pilankar's includes a main script and several subscripts that automate the administration of ZFS and UFS filesystems in Oracle Solaris 10. Contents:

  • Creating an Oracle Solaris ZFS storage pool
  • Adding a device to a storage pool
  • Creating a filesystem in a storage pool
  • Setting quota on an Oracle Solaris ZFS filesystem
  • Creating a mirrored storage pool
  • Adding devices to a mirrored storage pool
  • Creating a RAID-Z (Enhanced RAID5) storage pool
  • Adding devices to a RAID-Z storage pool
  • Destroying a storage pool
  • Determining if problems exist in a storage pool
  • Creating a UFS filesystem and mounting it
This is just the first of several scripts by Prashant. There is more on the way.