Today Toni Epple and I completed the delivery of the training/workshop at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Bergen, Norway. It can definitely be seen as a successful adventure. The first three days were spent doing the NetBeans Platform Certified Training, focusing on all the main themes of the NetBeans Platform (module system, window system, lookup, filesystem, nodes, explorer views, and visual library)... well as a long list of miscellaneous topics (from 'how to port' to 'how to distribute patches'). Then followed 2 days where we did a very intensive workshop. It all basically turned into a hands on porting workshop! We started out with the IMR's front end and ported it, step by step, to the NetBeans Platform. Of course, we didn't port all of it, since it is a very large and intricate application. Instead, we focused on some specific topics. The topics were proposed by the IMR team:

At the end of the first day, we had created an application containing an API module, a viewer module, and a long list of module wrappers for all the JARs that IMR works with (e.g., iBatis, Log4J, Dom4J, and many [many!] others, including most/all of the JARs produced by the original application). The viewer module provided a window that contained an explorer view exposing a node built from files registered in the layer file. The files in the layer file represent folders in the original application, making the set of folders extensible in the future.
A connection was established to the actual database at IMR (well, copied to a local disk of the laptop we were all sharing, via overhead projector, driven by one of the students), with data displayed via a BeanNode in an OutlineView, with all properties shown in a Properties window: