Lustre 2.0 Beta1 has been released. You can download the 2.0 Beta1 RPMs from here.

Here are the officially supported distributions and here are the new features in Lustre 2.0. I'd like to mention two features I had a hand in developing.

Changelogs record events in the filesystem namespace. It is a little like the 'zfs diff' feature. The difference is that, 'zfs diff' shows the changes between zfs filesystem snapshots, while lustre changelogs show changes on a lustre filesystem since the time the changelogs were started or last cleared.

Of course, lustre 2.0 beta is based on ldiskfs and not on zfs.

Changelogs enables us do cool things like replicate a lustre filesystem which is exactly what lustre_rsync (my handiwork) does. It uses the changlogs and the rsync utility to replicate a lustre filesystem.

More details are in the here.

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