My small iBatis based sample application is really taking shape now. Apart from the cool PropertyPanel integration in the central editor area below, the other noteworthy thing is that all three of the windows are aware of changes to the underlying model. So, when either the Properties window or the editor are used to change a property, all the other windows are notified and appropriate events take place, such as the display name of the node in the viewer on the left getting updated. Despite the fact that all three windows come from different modules, of course.

I'm also discovering that BeanNode (properties support) + FilterNode (finetuning of BeanNode display) is a far more powerful combination than AbstractNode. And all along I've been using AbstractNode, until now. Plus, the SaveCookie has been integrated successfully. Now I simply need to hook in the standard iBatis code for saving objects to a database and then the "U" in "CRUD" is taken care of.
And here's a pic taken today of the group at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen Norway on the course that Toni and I are delivering here (we're also in the pic somewhere). Behind the group, you see the amazing view over the Bergen harbor that's visible from the top of the building where the pic was taken (and where they have lunch, how cool is that):

Two NetBeans Platform applications they're drawing some inspiration from are the work done at Boeing (especially the JavaOne presentation from 2008 on that topic) and Puzzle GIS.

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