Palm has been going downhill lately. Their new Palm Pre devices based on WebOS have been a big flop and they are losing money faster than a pet store dot com from the 90s. They didn't put Java ME technology on their latest Palm Pre cell phones. Coincidence? That's going to be for the history books.
Death of Palm is at Hand
Here's a quote: An out-in-left-field idea would be for Oracle to buy Palm, just for the webOS to integrate into their Java mid-ware products. Larry Ellison said in January that he wasn't interested in a Consumer Electronics project. But, he did say they would spend money on making Java a better product.Well, if buying Palm would be just for the WebOS, that's not a very good purchase. Not a lot of mobile developers have written apps for WebOS, while there are still tens of thousands of Java ME MIDlets (more being written everyday) that people download and use all the time on feature phones.

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