Oracle's Sun Storage F5100 flash array delivered worldrecord performance on the SPC-1C benchmark.The SPC-1C benchmark shows the advantage of Oracle's FlashFire technology.

  • The Sun Storage F5100 flash array delivered world record SPC-1Cperformance of 300,873.47 SPC-1C IOPS.

  • The Sun Storage F5100 flash array requires half the rackspace of the of the next best result, the IBM System Storage EXP12S.

  • The Sun Storage F5100 flash array delivered nearly seven times betterSPC-1C IOPS performance than the next best SPC-1C result, the IBMSystem Storage EXP12S with 8 SSDs.

  • The Sun Storage F5100 flash array delivered the world record SPC-1C LRT(response time) performance of 330 microseconds, and a full loadresponse time of 2.63 milliseconds, which is over 2.5x better than theIBM System Storage EXP12S SPC-1C result.

  • Compared to the IBM result,the Sun Storage F5100 flash array delivered 2.7x better accessdensity (SPC-1C IOPS/ ASU GB), 3.9x better price/performance (TSC/SPC-1C IOPS) and 31% better tested $/GB (TSC/ ASU) as part of theseSPC-1C benchmark results.

  • The Sun Storage F5100 flash array delivered world record SPC-1Cperformance using the SPC-1C workload driven by the Sun SPARCEnterprise M5000 server. This type of workload is similar to databaseacceleration workloads where the storage is used as a low-latencycache. Typically these applications do not require data protection.

Performance Landscape

System SPC-1C
(GB) TSC Data
Level LRT
(usecs) Access
Density Price
/Perf $/GB Identifier Sun F5100 300,873.47 1374.390 $151,381 unprotected 330 218.9 $0.50 110.1 C00010 IBM EXP12S 45,000.20 547.610 $87,486 unprotected 460 82.2 $1.94 159.8 E00001

SPC-1C IOPS ? SPC-1C performance metric, bigger is better
ASU Capacity ? Application storage unit capacity (in GB)
TSC ? Total price of tested storage configuration, smaller is better
Data Protection Level ? Data protection level used in benchmark
LRT Response (usecs) ? Average response time (microseconds) of the10% BSU load level test run, smaller is better
Access Density ? Derived metric of SPC-1C IOPS / ASU GB, bigger is better
Price/Perf ? Derived metric of TSC / SPC-1C IOPS, smaller is better
$/GB ? Derived metric of TSC / ASU, smaller is better
Identifier ? The SPC-1C submission identifier

Results and Configuration Summary

Storage Configuration:

1 x Sun Storage F5100 flash array with 80 FMODs

Hardware Configuration:

1 x Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server
16 x StorageTek PCIe SAS Host Bus Adapter, 8 Port

Software Configuration:

Oracle Solaris 10
SPC-1C benchmark kit
Benchmark Description

SPC-1C is the first SPC component-level benchmark applicable across abroad range of storage component products such as disk drives, host busadapters (HBAs) intelligent enclosures, and storage software such asLogical Volume Managers. SPC-1C utilizes an identical workload asSPC-1, which is designed to demonstrate the performance of a storagecomponent product while performing the typical functions of businesscritical applications. Those applications are characterized bypredominately random I/O operations and require both queries as well asupdate operations. Examples of those types of applications includeOLTP, database operations, and mail server implementations.

SPC-1C configurations consist of one or more HBAs/Controllers and one ofthe following storage device configurations:

  • One, two, or four storage devices in a stand alone configuration. Anexternal enclosure may be used but only to provide power and/orconnectivity for the storage devices.

  • A "Small Storage Subsystem" configuredin no larger than a 4U enclosure profile (1 - 4U, 2 -2U, 4 - 1U, etc.).

Key Points and Best Practices

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Disclosure Statement

SPC-1C, SPC-1C IOPS, SPC-1C LRT are trademarks of Storage Performance Council (SPC), for more information.Sun Storage F5100 flash array SPC-1C submission identifier C00010results of 300,873.47 SPC-1C IOPSover a total ASU capacity of 1374.390 GB usingunprotected data protection, a SPC-1C LRT of 0.33 milliseconds,a 100% load over all ASU response time of 2.63 milliseconds and a total TSC price (including three-yearmaintenance) of $151,381. This compares with IBM System Storage EXP12SSPC-1C/E Submission identifier E00001 results of 45,000.20 SPC-1C IOPSover a total ASU capacity of 547.61 GB using unprotected data protection level, a SPC-1C LRT of 0.46 milliseconds, a 100% load over all ASU response time of 6.95 millisecondsand a total TSCprice (including three-year maintenance) of $87,468.

The Sun Storage F5100 flash array is a 1RU (1.75") array. The IBMSystem Storage EXP12S is a 2RU (3.5") array.

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