Sun's foremost, most famous and influential programmer over the years (with the possible exception of Bill Joy),James Gosling, has decided to leave Oracle and move on to other "unspecified opportunities" . Needless to add, this is a huge blow to Oracle's Java efforts and an unbelievable loss to Java leadership.
And in yet another way, this is one more unique twist in the final Sun chapter!
James's achievements over the years have been enormous. From Emacs to pioneering NeWS to of course Java, his engineering contributions to Sun have been at the core of what Sun has done over the years. I came to Sun with much admiration for Bill Joy and James (acknowledged even back then in the late 80s as "the fastest programmer on the planet") and have come to admire his engineering abilities over the years. James is brilliant but he is also very approchable and easily shares with others. James was in classic Sun mould and his presence will be sorely missed at the new Oracle. James was one of the three industry stalwarts at Sun that I had the pure pleasure of observing and interacting with, over the past 20 years (the others: Andy Bechtolsheim and Bill Joy). I doubt I will ever see such an admirable collection of industry experts in one place!
Best of luck, James, in all that you pursue from here on. There was only one Sun and there will only be one James Gosling! I wish him well (and join many other well-wishers) and look to him to take Java to the next level.

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