Refer to Configuring,
Working with and Administering System Landscape Directory SAP NW PI 7.1

Configuring Security Roles manually (page 53)

Assign created groups to user Administrator

Configure Server Settings:

Administration -> Settings -> Server Settings

Object Server: v240-2004-01

Working Directory: /usr/sap/AC1/SYS/global/sld

Write Protection: None
Configure the SLD Bridge (page 58)
Administration -> Data Supplier -> Update Namespaces in
this SLD -> check Update for name space sld/active
Administration -> Settings -> Section -> datasupplier


GatewayService: (Service name (sapgwXX) or port number (33XX)
of the SAP gateway on the host specified by parameter 'GatewayHost'
where the SLD bridge registers itself. Default value: )

Restart SLD server to make changes take effect:

Administration -> Stop SLD -> Start SLD

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