Install ACC; Check SLD server is up and running

Install App Services on virtual hostnames

* Install SAP App Services on Virtual Hostnames
* Adjust the profiles on the server to be managed

icm/host_name_full = ciACG

In ACG_SCS00_scsACG, add
icm/host_name_full = scsACG

v240-2004-02:acgadm 63% stopsap ciACG
v240-2004-02:acgadm 64% stopsap scsACG
After stopsap, check if sapstartsrv deamons are running. kill them using kill command
v240-2004-02:acgadm 70% startsap ciACG
v240-2004-02:acgadm 77% startsap scsACG

Workaround for Firefox user
If you use firefox, there is issue with NW 7.1 Java Web UI. To bypass this issue, install a proxy server and access java side using IE

ACC related User Management (refer to ACC Security Guide)
Use IE to perform the user admin. There is issue with Firefox support
http://v240-2004-01:50000/useradmin (Administrator)
ACC Security Page 6: Create Roles: ACC_Observing; ACC_Operation; ACC_Configuration; ACC_Archiving
ACC Security Page 6: Create groups and assign roles to them:

AC_Observor ACC_Observing
AC_Operator ACC_Observing/ACC_Operation
AC_Administrator ACC_Observing/ACC_Operation/ACC_Configuration/ACC_Archiving

ACC Security Page 6: Assign user Administrator to group AC_Administrator
ACC Security Page 7: Assign all the ACC actions (Observing, NWA_Read_Only, Operation, Configuration, Archiving) to Administrator role; Observing action is assigned to SAP_JAVA_NWADMIN_CENTRAL_READONLY role

Wizard Based Configuration of ACC (refer to Configuring ACC 720 page 19)
http://v240-2004-01:50000/nwa (Administrator)
Configuration Management -> Scenarios -> Configuration Wizard
Show Initial Configuration -> NetWeaver initial setup -> Start

Provide the following configuration:

* Using existing remote SLD
* SLD HTTP Host: v240-2004-01
* SLD HTTP Port: 50000
* SLD Data Supplier User: Administrator
* SLD Client user: Administrator

Show All Configuration Tasks -> Initial Setup for Adaptive Computing Controller -> Start

Create SLD Bridge on SLD server
To receive data that's auto reported and sent by the SLD data suppliers that run on individual system, configure and start the SLD Bridge on SLD server: (Refer to SLD Post Installation Guide page 13 from SLD doc collection)
Administration -> Data Supplier -> Update Namespaces in this SLD -> check Update for name space sld/active
Administration -> Settings -> Section -> datasupplier
GatewayHost: ciACG
GatewayService: sapgw01 (Service name (sapgwXX) or port number (33XX) of the SAP gateway on the host specified by parameter 'GatewayHost' where the SLD bridge registers itself. Default value: )

Restart SLD server to make changes take effect:
Administration -> Stop SLD -> Start SLD

Register Host in ACC's SLD with sldreg

SAPHOSTAGENT package has been installed on host to be registered. In NetWeaver 7.1, host agent is installed automatically during the installation of all the components.

If using ACC as SLD server, after ACC installation, check that SLD server is up and running:
Administration -> Satus: SLD Running

On the host to be registered in SLD:
v240-2004-02:acgadm 40% su - sapadm
> bash
bash-3.00$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe:/usr/sap/ACG/SYS/exe/uc/sun_64:/sapdb/programs/lib/lib64
bash-3.00$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
bash-3.00$ cd /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe
bash-3.00$ ./sldreg -configure slddest.cfg
Sat Feb 28 14:44:32 2009 SLD Registration Program [2.0] (Nov 14 2007) [Non-Unicode]
Use configuration file 'slddest.cfg' for output!
Please specify the HTTP connect information: [User, Password, Host, Port, HTTP/HTTPS]
User Name : Administrator
Password :
Verify Password :
Server Host : v240-2004-01
Port [80,443,1024..65535]: 50000
Use HTTPS? (y/n): n

Entered Information
User: Administrator
Passwd: (secret)
Host: v240-2004-01
Port: 50000

Write this information to secure file 'slddest.cfg'? [y=yes/n=no/q=quit] y
Sat Feb 28 14:45:00 2009 Writing data to encrypted file 'slddest.cfg'
Sat Feb 28 14:45:00 2009 Data written to secured data file 'slddest.cfg'
Sat Feb 28 14:45:00 2009 Using destination file 'slddest.cfg'.
Sat Feb 28 14:45:00 2009 No key file 'slddest.cfg.key' used.
Sat Feb 28 14:45:00 2009 Use encryted destination file 'slddest.cfg' as data source
Sat Feb 28 14:45:01 2009 Configuration data successfully stored in file: slddest.cfg

Restart Host Agent on host to be registered:
bash-3.00$ su emroot
# /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostexec -stop
# /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostexec pf=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/host_profile

Check on SLD server if the registration was performed successfully:
Technical Systems -> in drop down list, "Technical System Type" -> Computer Systems
The host that's been registered is shown

Register Java based App Services in ACC's SLD
Configured a SLD Data Supplier following the instructions on SAP Library
Connect to system's NWA interface
Configuration Management -> Security -> Destinations
Create a destination of type HTTP and with name SLD_DataSupplier.

url of ACC: http://v240-2004-01:50000 (http://: only)

Username and password. Authentication has to be Basic
The specified user must have the user role "SAP_SLD_DATA_SUPPLIER" or higher on the target SLD Server

Ping Destination succeeded

Create a destination of type HTTP and with name SLD_Client, with same config as SLD_DataSupplier
The specified user must have user role "SAP_SLD_GUEST" or higher

You can now collect and send data to the SLD Server. To do so:
Choose Configuration Management -> Infrastructure -> SLD Data Supplier Configuration.
Choose Collect and Send Data.
Collect and Send Data completed successfully

Register ABAP based App Services in ACC's SLD
SAP Note 584654
In SAPGUI connection to ABAP app service, (conn=/H/v240-2004-02/S/3201)
Start RZ70 -> Delete background job ->
Gateway Host: ciACG
Gateway Service: sapgw01

Check registered Services:
Technical Systems -> check systems in 'Technical System Type' drop down menu

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