Check if directory /usr/sap/trans is local on your machine. If not change it to a local directory

For 4.0B and higher (not MCOD System):
- From SAP GUI, logon to system (client: 000) with user: DDIC
- run se06
- select 'R/3 standard installation' and press 'Post Installation Actions'
- goto 'Environment -> Transport Mgmt System
- enter a name for the Transport Domain if asked and save
- enter a Company Name, a Country and a time zone if asked.
- press icon 'transport routes'
- select menu Configuration -> change
- select menu Configuration -> Standard Configuration -> Single System
- select menu Utilities -> Configuration -> activate locally
- go back to transaction stms
- select button System Overview
- select your system
- run menu SAP System -> Check -> Connection Test
- run menu SAP System -> Check -> Transport Directory
- run menu SAP System -> Check -> Transport tool

This system is now the transport domain controller

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