If hosts have multiple IP addresses, you need to find the correct one to use.

To find out the hostname of the ZFS-NFS client
client% ssh m5k-pub (one of the hostnames of the server)
m5kcap-9e0f-d0 # who am i
root pts/2 Apr 7 14:25 (v490vic-00f3)

v490vic-00f3 is resolved hostname of the client to be used
m5kcap-9e0f-d0 is resolved hostname of the server to be used
On ZFS-NFS server
m5kcap-9e0f-d0 # zfs unshare pool1
m5kcap-9e0f-d0 # zfs set sharenfs=rw=v490vic-00f3,root=v490vic-00f3 pool1/software
m5kcap-9e0f-d0 # share
- /pool1/software sec=sys,rw=v490vic-00f3,root=v490vic-00f3 ""

One NFS client:
In /etc/vfstab
m5kcap-9e0f-d0:/pool1/software - /SAP/crm_dvd nfs - yes
In /etc/hosts m5kcap-9e0f-d0 m5k-pub

# mount /SAP/crm_dvd

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