OK, OK! All of you who raised your hand and are hopping in your seats to get called upon for your suggestions, click here. If your hand is sort of wavering at shoulder height and you need a little more urging, read on for more info on "Better Defaults", the new subproject of Project Renaissance which just began in the UX community.

If there are default settings that you change first thing when you install a new version of OOo, please share what they are and why the change(s) make(s) your life much easier. Especially if they are in Impress, because the suggestions for default settings in the presentation application need to be made by the end of April.

Low Hanging Fruit Clause

No new features: The developer should only have to flip a switch on something that is already alive and kicking in the office suite, but just not set as the default.

For example, one lovely little default setting changed recently was an adjustment in the font size list box (issue 2446 ) Boy did that feel good! Let's find more of those.

You can either point to an issue already in IssueTracker or write a new suggestion ----whatever you do, make sure your favorites get in the table on the wiki page.

Thanks in advance for your input.


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