Just a quick update on the state of the Sun spaces in Second Life and the transition of them to Oracle. Oracle will be keeping the current 3 islands in Second Life. The projects and strategy will be created over time so keep tabs on this blog.

The Employee Space for Oracle employees (see below) is being managed by Oracle's Organization & Talent Development group. There are no major activities planned at this time but discussions are happening. If groups have a need to use the platform, they are welcome to use it for employee facing projects. We will continue to have our core team of passionate employees from across the organization meet to discuss ideas and projects and manage a central calendar of activities as things begin to surface. We are also transitioning the SunMicrosystems family name to OracleCorp.

The public spaces are being managed by Oracle Corporate Marketing - no major activities are on the calendar at this time but stay tuned as the interest and strategy evolves.

Christy (SL: Violet Portola)

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