It seems, i'm not the only one so utterly tired of the "Oracle kills Opensolaris" rumour. The reaction of Alex Gorbachev is an especially good one, because it contains a simple truth:
Whining starts that Oracle will not contribute to OpenSolaris anymore. Come on people! Couldnít you just appreciate whatís been done already and what a great product OpenSolaris is? If you forgot what open-source is about, itís about community contributions and not about a single vendor giving away itís IP so that everyone around can scream how great open-source movement is how what great products it produces. If one vendor pulls out and community canít sustain product development, then the product cannot live its normal open-source life.

Get over it! Want a high quality software with great support without any fuss? Pay $$. Want a high quality free open-source software? Make it happen!
Full ACK! And besides of this: Just look at all the recent PSARC cases ... at all the PSARC cases resultings in code ... or the multitude of code putbacks in general. Doesn't really look like a killing in progress.

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