I'm pleased to announce that today Ops Center 2.5 update 3 is being released! For those of you who are Ops Center users, you'll see the update become available in your console sometime today for an automatic upgrade (which can automatically upgrade the Enterprise Controller, Proxy and Agent tiers for you at your command).

Good stuff in update 3 includes:

  • Substantial performance increases! In fact, the performance team tells me they think it's now possible to effectively support more than 2x the number of managed operating systems under a single Enterprise Controller with good performance.
  • Support for IPMP networking with the Solaris Container management. This allows for the creation and management of zones with full network redundancy.
  • Over 50 bug fixes
Oh, and last, but not least, when you run the upgrade you'll find that Sun Ops Center has turned into Oracle Enterprise Ops Center. All the functionality is the same, but the headers, banners and logos have all changed. Don't be alarmed! Here's a preview pic of what you'll see.

Happy Virtualizing!

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