IBM cultivated an image of themself of being overly open-source friendly. And many people believed that. I don't know how often i've heard or read "IBM is so open source friendly. Could Sun be not more like IBM?" (which was quite puzzling to me ... as soon you type the first letter in Linux in the GUI , you've possibly executed more codelines donated by Sun than by any other vendor, but that is a different story) Now we know where this friendliness ends ... exactly where i've expected it: Where the money starts and where markets are at risk.

Turbo Hercules SAS asked IBM, if there's a way, that Hercules could be sold as a DR solution for mainframes. The answer: A list of 106 patents (and 67 patent applications) such a product infringe. Florian Müller (yeah, that Florian Müller ;( ... i assume everyone has some darker moments in life ) published that letter on scribd and published an article in his blog. The juicy part of the story: Two of the patents were on the list IBM published 5 years ago to pledge that they never would use them agains open source software.

Of course there is just a single thing that IBM wants to see as a DR solution for a mainframe: Yeah ... another mainframe. And of course i'm seeing the real danger: People could get to the idea that they don't need real hardware to keeping last bits of mainframe software needed for their business up and running, thus killing a part of the mainframe business.

So could we just stop to talk about IBM as an open source friendly company? As long it's enabling services business and selling hardware it's nice for them ... but the non-existent entity of the higher kind forbid that you try to make a business out of something that could be a possible danger to their cash cow.

A former manager cited a proverb to me "Don't be so upset, sometimes all you have to do is sitting at the river and waiting for the corpses of your enemies to swim by". Well ... i assume it's bathing time ...

PS: And hey ... even the normally IBM friendly Timothy "BlueToTheBone" Prickett Morgan sounds to be opposed to IBM.

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