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With such a long blank, but let me write about Open Source Conference 2010 Spring in Tokyo. I joined only the first day, which was the shame, but had a wonderful time as always. The day started with a little rain and dark sky. I realized how long it will take to travel from country side to country side, instead of from country side to city area. Train rails are running like "hub and spoke", and when trying to reach the end of the spoke from another end of the spoke takes long long time. Well, I enjoyed changing trains and reading books or practicing my speech on the train, so it was good after all.

To be honest, after 1 hour and a half, I came to a little worry about my sense of direction... "is it right direction ? did I miss the station !?" Lucky enough, I arrived
at the station in time, but saw only a few people walking out from the train. Again, I came to worry "is there anyone coming to the event ? what should I do I have only 1 or 2 people coming to my booth or session..." So, I was so happy to find there were more people inside the building and though it is a little quieter than usual, there were a bunch of cool folks showing and talking over their favorite software actively.

I organized the desk and started to talk to them as usual "Why don't you join our translation activity ?"


From 3:15, I talked about "You can contribute to Open Source Software easily!". This time, I chose the main message as "If you do not have time or energy to contribute by transaltion or coding, let's say Thank You! to active contributors. That's one of the most effective ways to motivate them."


I talked about my contribution to my local community - it's not Open Source Community but it is my "geographical" neighborhood. I started to clean up the garbage site which our neighbors use in common. I was so happy to see the site is cleaner than before and also happy to imagine the neighbors should be happy to. But after months, I came to a little tired. Maybe I was doing too much and exhausted. Then, one of the people who always passed by the site talked to me "Thank you very much for your work. I see you are working almost every day, and thanks to you, it is very clean and everybody is happy. Thank you so much. " Can you imagine how delighted I was !? Finally I realized it's not only me but many people enjoy the cleaner site and there are people who appreciate my work.

This can be said also to the OSS work. It is true people with high motivation work for themselves, but it is also true the appreciation from users who benefit from their work makes the energy to double or almost 10 times. It's easy - just say "Thank you" anywhere by emails, blogs, twitters... that's can be the source of energy.

Oh, I realized I wrote too much in English section - a few paragraphs were not written in Japanese section. Sorry.

In the talk session, there were many wonderful discussion. I will write them later in this blog. Cheers!

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