I'm about to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia in a few hours to attend and present at the Tech Days conference. I've been there several times already and as always I'm looking forward to spending time there. It's always an intense experience both from the working and personal perspective. This time though, the work-related stuff might be a little different.

First, I'm actually not going to present on GlassFish! The reason for that is that Jerome Dochez will be there himself. Jerome is the product architect and I invite you to ask him the hard questions, especially on v3, modularity and the architecture of the product. You can maybe even get to speak a few words of Russian with him if you insist ;) As for me, I'll be presenting Java EE 6 in two different demo-driven sessions, continuing the work started with Antonio Goncalves at Devoxx last year (and available in code form at beginningee6.kenai.com).

Second, as I understand it, this will be a show with Oracle content and thus a bit different from previous years. But James Gosling and others will be there to perpetuate what made this a great event. It will certainly be a good time to meet some of my new colleagues and reconnect with others.

Finally, this will be my first event after we've (Oracle) published the GlassFish roadmap for the couple of years to come, so it will be interesting to see what people have to say about it.

I understand the event will be as crowded this year as the previous year (thousands of developers) if not more crowded. Anyway, time to pack! See you there!

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