If you need to use a .msg file for testing purpose in a different user mailbox, even from totally different mailstore / domain / user, then this blog will describe how to do it.

First of all you need to know the location of the destination user mailbox. Therefor use the hashdir command line tool.

bash-3.00# /opt/sun/comms/messaging64/bin/hashdir mparis

The location of the mailbox then should look like this (on default installation)

bash-3.00# pwd

Now copy the .msg file to the destination user mailbox

cp /tmp/1234.msg .

Take care that the file gets the right permissions

chown mailsrv:mail 1234.msg

Finally you need to run reconstruct on the destination user mailbox

/opt/sun/comms/messaging64/bin/reconstruct -f -r user/mparis

Now you able to access the user Mailbox and access the Message for further testings / debugging.

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