Well the time has come to put an end to this chapter in my life. The past 7 years have been memorable for me. Literally today is my 7 year anniversary. To tell the truth some years at Sun seem like dog years. Others went by very quickly. Wow it only seems like yesterday I arrived here.

I will miss the truly talented people here at Sun. Well now Oracle. These folks made SUNW work regardless of the direction of the week. We weaved a story together that unified both a engineering, community and management vision. Sometimes they even lined up :)

What I will not miss. We got the crap beat out of us almost daily. But the professionals here persevered regardless of the bloggers that wanted Sun to die.

The future. New job. New technology. Not wasting my time reading blogs from those with an opinion and zero knowledge. Wasted too much time.
Good luck SNORACLE. Ok I just had to do that. Oracle the more interesting times are still ahead of you all. Fasten your seat belts !

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