It's already close to 4 months since we released JPA 2.0,so it's time to start planning for the next release.
JPA 2.0 was strongly influenced by input that we received from theJava developer community, and many of the new features andimprovements in JPA 2.0 were added and prioritized in response todeveloper feedback.
These include all of the following (and more!):
  • collections of basic types
  • collections of embeddables
  • nested embeddables
  • persistently ordered lists
  • orphan removal
  • pessimistic locking
  • foreign key mappings for unidirectional one-to-many relationships
  • improved support for maps
  • criteria query API
  • improvements to JPQL, including collection-valued in-expressions, more generalized support for operators and functions, and restrictions on query polymorphism
  • further standardization of configuration properties and hints
Feedback from the community is very important to us, so please share your thoughts on where you think we should go next. What features do you think are most important to add in JPA 2.1?
Feel free to comment here, and please also share your input by postingto the JPA 2.0 feedback list, Inputsent to it forwards to all of the members of the JPA 2.0 expertgroup for consideration.

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