How important is Product Development (PD) for ? PD is about doing the right things to make an product successful in the market. In 2004 the marketing project worked on a strategic marketing plan. It was written in front of the 2.0 release. This plan covered the time until now and by reviewing the plan what was achieved in the last years a gap between plan and reality will be discovered. Not a real surprise but surely a fact that should be reviewed and discussed.

We should have three product development representatives in the Community Council (see community council charter). With the resignation of John McCreesh we will loose an important driver of the Product Development. I would like to see a review of result of the marketing plan wrt the past five years before John leaves. Not that the Council should be driver of Product Development but we need a re-initiation of this effort.

The only candidate now for the non-code contributing projects for the next round of council elections will be Thorsten Behrens; he's a well known great supporter of the hacker driven "Product Development", from my perspective a good representative of the code contributors. But not for the non-code contributing PD projects of OOo as the charter of the CC states. It's difficult to do a "no" vote against the only candidate for this seat, especially if the candidate does good things for the project and I consider him as a good friend of mine. But we need a general review of the PD part of the project, and therefore I want to see a person representing the classical school of product development and call for a no-vote and call for new candidates.

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