I have a gmail account since September 2004 for all my personal usage, at the time when gmail invites were being sold on ebay. I followed Gmail advise in general, which is not to delete anything and use search to find all I want. However I found this advise may be a bit flimsy. Why? I looked at the oldest mail in my INBOX, it is only dated back to Feb 2005. This means, Gmail has managed to lost 5 months of my mails from my INBOX, where did they went; I have no idea! I only used 1392MB or 18% of the allowable disk. May be the Gmail Team knows about this? Is this a known problem?

Of course, Gmail is a free service; one may be shouldn't expect too much. However. this does not really instill confidence to use gmail as a primary account for important stuff .

Will this problem goes away if I purchase more disk, or paying Google some money so that my mails are a bit more secured?