Well ... after getting several mails in my inbox about the information that finds it's way outside of Oracle about the support of Sun products, i want to break my silence now, at least a little bit.

Some of this mails were polite, asking for some guidance. Some of the mails were rather unpolite, just attempts to troll around. But all want to know my opinon about this, because i'm quite a exposed Sun employee due to my blog. I have an opinion, but I was silent by purpose and will stay silent at least for a time - by purpose, too. There will be a comment from my side about all the changes in support policies in the future. But i will wait with this comment until the moment everything has announced and we are able to see a complete picture. When everything has laid out to the public. I won't comment on things that aren't totally in the public.

Of course i know more about a lot of things than the interested reader, but it's not up to me to disclose this to the public. Not because i'm fearing about my job as some people suggested, but because i think there are some rules. And one of the rules is "I'm not an official leak". I'm just a commentator in this regard, albeit one with some good insight.

But just a comment before that: All the stuff Oracle in regard of Support is doing now isn't about killing Solaris, as some mails and some comments suggest. It's about seeing a lot of things significantly stricter. I've heard a good word about the situation: With every change in life you will surely loose some friends. I'm sorry for every friend we loose on the way. But i think we will win customers. Sun inside of Oracle will be a lot of more like other companies in this regard. But on the other side: Sun inside of Oracle has to be a lot of more like other companies to earn the money to fuel the development of Solaris for example.

After working almost 9 years working for an employer under steady fire from customers and the market because of our fiscal performance, i think i can stand additional 9 years working for an employer seeing some things a lot of stricter.

I'm pretty sure all of you want to know more whats happen. And you want to know them early. But i hope you understand, that you won't find directions about Suns future inside Oracle here before their official announcement.