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I was reading my blog in December. I said "February is soon, but very far."... now it's tomorrow! I will talk at Open Source Conference 2010 Tokyo/Spring tomorrow.

It's like I am reading a letter from myself in the past. I was uncertain for many things and worrying too much. Now 2 months later, still uncertainty is there, but I feel more comfortable and confident with my goals. I have been trying to run the following steps: 1. Think positive and creative, 2. Take courage to ask anythingI do not understand, 3. If no answer is provided, think again in my own way, 4. If I cannot reach the conclusion, create my own goals, and 5. Run for it. I am now on Step 5.

Finally, I finished my slides for tomorrow's talk. Here you go!

This time, I come back to the origin of my activity, and talk about how important the translation is, and how valuable it is as a contribution to Open Source Software (OSS). I want to say so much, and the slides are 46 pages... hummm, I will try not to speak too fast. It's college campus where OSC is hosted this time - I may be able to see more students than usual. Hope it is not raining tomorrow