I hope I don't let it sound too emotional, but I don't want to let it feel untrue as well. Yes, after working for Sun Microsystems for more than nine wonderful years and Oracle Inc. for a few days, I have decided to leave. This is my last blog-post and today is my last day.
Valedictory function speeches, parting conversations etc. have always been a challenge for me. This blog-post is no different. There is one Sanskrit verse though that captures how I feel very succinctly and it is as follows
??????????? ????????? ???? ????????? ?????? | ????????????????? ?????? ????? ??????? ||
This blog-post states the meaning correctly. In other words,
Any small, ordinary thing gets crowning glory if it associates itself with a great entity, just like a common thread gets honoured because of its association, vicinity with the garland it holds!
My tenure at Sun Microsystems has been a testimony of the above. It's this place that made my stay a memorable one. There are things that I could have done differently and I regret not having done so, but the Sunny atmosphere here is simply unforgettable. I mean where else does a programmer get an opportunity to have a Bill-Joy- Number of 2? Where does a programmer get an opportunity to see and experience amazing and wacky things being built by remarkable personalities? Of course, there are places elsewhere and this is a rhetoric, but that does not curtail my excitement one bit. Thank you, Sun Microsystems Inc. Individual colleagues, friends and well-wishers who influenced me are just too many to list here.
The culmination of my career at Sun was being a part of GlassFish team where I could contribute building one of the most loved open source enterprise products. I feel fortunate to be part of this team and since it's open source, I can contribute to it wherever I go. You can always reach me at km@dev.java.net and I will be hanging around in the GlassFish users'/developers' list.