Sailfin CAFE bundles a JSR 309 adapter that works with jVoiceBridge Media Server . This is primarily to support the Conferencing and Player/Recorder features in CAFE. However , this adapter can also be used standalone with jVoiceBridge without using CAFE APIs. This is useful if anyone wants to play around with JSR 309.

Here are the steps that one needs to follow to achieve this.

1. Download Sailfin CAFE from sailfin-cafe

Getting hold of jVoiceBridge

2. Once you do 'mvn install' the jVoiceBridge will be available at
where CAFE_HOME is the installation directory where CAFE has been checked out.
Lets call this location as JVB_HOME

3. cd JVB_HOME. Edit to specify the IP address of the machine where the JVB will run. Also make sure that the SIP port is set to something other than 5060 since 5060 will be used by Sailfin SIP Stack.

Running jVoiceBridge

4. ant -f run.xml should start the jVoiceBridge and spew out the log on the console

Getting hold of the JSR 309 RA

5. The JSR 309/jVoiceBridge adapter is available at

Deploying and working with JSR 309 RA

6. Deploy the jvb-ra.rar to Sailfin using the asadmin command. Make sure that the jVoiceBridge and Sailfin instance are running.
7. Use "jvb/default" as the name of the resource for the 309 RA.
8. Deploy your application that uses jSR309 APIs onto Sailfin and use @Resource annotation to inject the MscontrolFactory.

Note that the 309 implementation is not yet at the FR level of the JSR 309 specification.