The GNOME Usability Hackfest at the Canonical offices in London is well underway. With over two dozen GNOME design and usability experts attending, this has been an exciting and dynamic event. With GNOME 3.0 around the corner, people have been taking advantage of the opportunity to rethink the desktop and to build bridges within the GNOME usability community.

Highlights for me have included:

  • The dynamic GNOME Shell discussions between William Jon McCann and Seth Nickell.
  • Talking accessibility with Willie Walker
  • HIG Planning
  • Discussing opportunities for the GNOME Foundation to provide resources to make it easier to share usability data across the GNOME community with Ivanka Majic and Máirín (Mo) Duffy.

  • Learning about card sorting
  • All the colorful discussions.

I also wanted to share some photos:

GNOME Usability Hackers

Willie Walker discussing accessibility

Card Sorting

Discussing GNOME Shell

Discussing GNOME Shell

Much thanks to the following organizations for sponsoring this event:

Also, many of the people who attended this event were sent by various companies and organizations who made the right people available for this event and covered travel costs. Much thanks to them as well.