Here is an opportunity to hear the latest & greatest about Java EE 6 & GlassFish in Atlanta and Dallas.

Where ? When ? Participate ? Atlanta Mar 8/9, 2010 DevNexus Dallas Mar 5, 2010 FREE Invite The Atlanta event is happening at DevNexus, a developer conference organized by the Atlanta Java Users Group. The topics in this year's conference range from Java EE 6, Spring 3.0, Grails, Google App Engine, Google Wave, Context & Dependency Injection, Hudson and many others. See the complete list of speakers and schedule. Seats are limited and pre-registration is required, so register now! Follow @devnexus for more details.

The Dallas event is organized by Oracle University in association with Technology Services and is dedicated to Java EE 6 & GlassFish.
In both the events, you'll learn how Java EE 6 provides a flexible technology stack, takes ease-of-development to a new level by following convention-over-configuration and using defaults, improves developer productivity by intuitive tooling, new/updated specifications in the platform and many other features.

The talk will be accompanied by numerous live code samples showing the benefits of Java EE 6 platform and GlassFish.

More details about both the events are available here.

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