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Hello! Long time no see There have been so many things to work on since the beginning of this year, so I have been working on many different tasks. One example is OpenSolaris 2010.03 message translation, and another is SunGloss migration to Terminology Database. Now SunGloss is read-only mode and any new update will be made to Terminology Database. I have been building the framework and designing the interface with my trusted peer, Lukas, in Prague.

One of the major disadvantage SunGloss has is the lack of integration with translation tools. If a translator has to search SunGloss manually to find a term. It takes time to visit SunGloss, search for a term, and use that term in the translation. So, it often happens translators avoid using SunGloss sometimes because they thought they already knew the term, or sometimes because they do not know the term is registered. It often resulted in a wrong translation.

That's why we thought we may be able to open the terminology database system that we use internally to the translation community. I have been working with engineers in Prague, Sun's Language Leads (x 9 languages), and Program Managers... now it's done (or almost done)!

You can take a look of TD interface at Terminology tab on OpenCTI interface. I will talk about how to use this tab and other topics related to translation project at Open Source Conference 2010 Tokyo/Spring on Feb 26 Friday.

My seminar starts at 15:15 on Feb 26th Friday. This time, I will focus the simple message "Let's translate OSS. Yes, You can!". If you think "I cannot contribute anything..." or "I do not have time...", it's not true There are hundreds of ways to contribute to OSS. I can show you the easiest and simplest way, in addition to the translation. Looking forward to meeting you there!