The formal OpenSolaris offering of nmap is out of date. After a bit of experimentation, I used the following to compile nmap 5.21 on OpenSolaris build 133.$ ac_cv_dnet_linux_pf_packet=no ./configure \ --with-libpcap=/usr \ --with-libpcre=/usr$ make$ pfexec make install

This assumes you already have the libpcap and libpcre packages installed. You can check with:$ pkg list |egrep "pcap|pcre"library/pcre 7.8-0.133 installed -----system/library/libpcap 1.0.0-0.133 installed -----

Alas, there are still issues lingering with later versions of nmap on OpenSolaris. See this networking-discuss thread as well as this (yet unanswered) nmap-dev posting. In the latter, it's suggested that non-root scans have better success - that's been my experience thus far. The obvious downside being scans needing raw Ethernet access can't be used (or use the --unprivileged option to nmap).