I'd like to share 2 news today.

The first thing is about having a new release of Sun OpenCTI v1.1 (actually previous version 1.1 announced on 01/27 was re-deployed - the new one is based on rev. 356 of the OpenCTI project).

This version was driven by user requirements and I'm happy to see that majority of bugs/RFEs (however not all!) have been fixed and integrated. In comparison to the very first version (Sun OpenCTI 1.0 Beta) there is a lot of improvements in various areas - from usability, number of features,... to performance. I truly hope you will enjoy it.

If you look at the source repository now, the latest revision is #413. By looking at and testing this revision (it is not available publicly) I can see another bunch of improvements - new bug fixes, new features, etc. Although CTI/OpenCTI development may look quite slow, the progress is here and still ongoing which is top important, in my opinion.

The second thing I wanted to share with you is - this is my last post in this blog. I decided to leave the CTI/OpenCTI project.

I'd like to take this opportunity and say several words: this project has started in 2008. In that time, we were looking for a system that was capable to handle translations of such complex project like OpenSolaris. Finally we ended up with the CTI - Community Translation Interface.

There are many approaches how to handle translations: online -vs- offline editing, low level text files translations with using e.g. gettext or having advanced GUI editors supporting various file formats, etc.

At the end, my approach was to go with simple, easy to use, online editor with rich functionality that you can see in professional tools - like TM, Glossaries, Fuzzy matches, ... The users do not have to deal with specific file formats or specifics related to particular project type. We are able to handle SW messages (really many formats), Online helps, Documentation projects and even Manual pages inside one tool! I still believe this approach is usable, beneficial and can bring some value.

It may sound like a cliche when saying Thank You. But really: the system without active users is nothing.
I was impressed how many people joined translation projects as translators - not only from OpenSolaris, but also NetBeans, OpenDS, OpenSSO, ... and other project teams showed their interest and some of them started with the tool evaluation (like OpenOffice, JavaFX, MySQL, ...).

So thank you all who contributed via CTI/OpenCTI and other people who helped with the tool and its promotion. Wish you all the best and good luck to you and to a new project lead.

Ales Cernosek