As you know, I've moved this blog into an independent webspace and relaunched it as "Constant Thinking" about six weeks ago. Check it out, it's at Here's a short "status report" after about 6 weeks of independent blogging:

One of my goals for my new blog is to achieve 500 RSS subscribers by summer (Yes, you're invited, too :)). You see, as a blogger, my lifebread is the number of people who regularly read my blog. That's how we bloggers feel rewarded for what we do: Every single RSS subscriber, every comment, every piece of feedback is like a pat on our shoulder, a drop of endorphine in our blood, a carrot... Well, you get the picture. Little things please little minds :).

In this case, my old blog has about 550 subscribers and I want you all to show up on my new blog as well. No, I won't just redirect the feed, that would feel like cheating and I'd never know if I deserved all those subscribers for my new blog or not (after all, you might just follow this blog just because it's a Sun blog, not because of is content).

So first of all, a big "Thank You!" to the more than 160 people who chose to follow my new blog's RSS feed. This is greatly appreciated!

To the other 390 or so, here's what you've probably been missing:

I hope you'll find these articles interesting and useful. Feel free to get more Technology Thoughts and add "Constant Thinking" to your RSS reader. I'm looking forward to your comments and feedback!