Recently, we finished with translation activities for the incoming release of OpenSolaris (OS2010.03). The translation was done via Community Translation Tools - CTI and new OpenCTI. I am pleased to announce top contributors and the most active l10n groups for this release. The list is available at the i18n/l10n Top Contrib page. Congrats to all who helped with this work.

As an appreciation, we created several presents for community. The design of the gifts was created by our group - so this is about non-professional but! original design. I hope you will like it. Here are the gifts:

  • Blue polo (woman and man style)

  • Orange t-shirt: (front & back side)

  • Cup, USB stick(8GB), sticker and lanyard

Due to the fact that there are significant differences between the most and the least active people, I'm going to send the presents in the following way:
  • contributors who translated more than 1000 segments - 8GB USB stick, thermo-cup, blue and orange t-shirts
  • contributors with more than 100 translated segments - thermo-cup and orange t-shirt
  • for all people - lanyard and sticker
Hope you will enjoy the gifts. Stay tuned, we will contact you soon.

And thanks again to all who helped with translation of OpenSolaris project!