Today I don't continue in formatting posts:). I would like to mentioned the CSS code completion in html tags. It's new feature, that is also available in NetBeans 6.9 M1 build. Because the CSS files are now indexed, it allows to provide better support for CSS in HTML and PHP files as well. The code completion is one of the visible benefit.

The picture above displays a page from WordPress project, where you can see code completion for class attribute of div tag. The code completion window offers all selectors for classes, that were found in the project. A selector in code completion window can have two colors. The green color means that the selector is defined inside the file or in a file which is referred by this one or the style is already used in the file. Selectors that have gray color are available in the project, but don't meet the condition that is mentioned above.

Similarly the code completion is available for id attribute of HTML tags, where the appropriate selectors are offered.