• Time To Change (Or Ditch) The USTR Special 301 Process
    Special 301 is a nefarious mechanism that allows US corporations to request diplomatic action against foreign competitors on the flimsiest of grounds. It's anticompetitive, harms the rights of both US and foreign citizens in the digital age and it should go.
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  • An Adobe Flash developer on why the iPad can?t use Flash
    Sounds plausible, certainly. What the commentators I've seen so far (including Gruber) are mostly ignoring is that Apple would block Flash even if there were no technical issues (and most of them are probably soluble in some way) since their priority is control of the platform so they can control its monetisation. It's business, not technology. That means no Flash, no Java, no virtualisation, no interpreted code. The very interesting question will be what they do with HTML5. My prediction: HTML 5 support will be complete but will lag native apps and be poorly integrated with the overall UI.
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  • National Bullying Helpline patron quits over No 10 row
    And quite right too. Whatever the political or news motivation, it was obviously wrong for a confidential helpline to in any way identify its clients or their employers to the news media. Worse, the woman involved is busily justifying herself instead of apologising to avoid damage to the charity she founded.
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