If you have enjoyed my blog postings about MySQL Cluster please come to the MySQL Cluster tutorial at the 2010 O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo. I shall be giving this tutorial along with my colleagues Geert Vanderkelen and Andrew Morgan.

The outline of this tutorial is as follows:

"This tutorial aims to guide normal MySQL users and DBAs into the world of MySQL Cluster. From installing and configuring to creating your first clustered table and finally node failure handling. At the end of the session you?ll will be the proud owner of a full blown, tiny MySQL Cluster which you can show off at work. The data nodes will gently keep you lap warm when the air conditioning is set too low, and the cluster log will help you through sleepless nights."

So it is going to be fun day and hopefully you will learn a few things along the way :)

You can register using the discount code mys10fsp which will give you 25% off on top of any early bird registration discounts.

If you are coming to the conference but cannot make the tutorial I will be happy to talk to anyone about MySQL Cluster (or anything else I might know). I look forward to seeing you all there!