The next categories, where you can set up the formatting of PHP code is category Spaces. Currently there are implemented more then 40 options that are separated into six groups. All these options as other options, which were mentioned in previous posts about formatting are available in development builds (NetBeans 6.9). The formatting has to be tested properly, if you find a problem, please report it in our database or at least write as a comment here.

The first group Before Keywords defines spaces before a keyword that are usually after '}' char. By default all these properties are switched on.

The second group Before Parentheses contains options that defines spaces before left parentheses. All options in this group are by default switch on except Method / Function Declaration and Method / Function Call.

The last group mentioned in this post is Before Left Braces. In this group you can define whether the formatting handles space between open brace and an element. All the properties in this group are switched on by default.

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