Hi All,

So I got busy working on another couple of projects and had put of trying do more than small builds on B132.

This weekend I decided to tackle Evolution 2.29.90, my first try I downloaded the trunk spec files, using the specs to hand patch the evolution-data-server and evolution source.

I hit the first problem in evolution-data-server, an undefined variable called altzone, not sure where this comes from even now, not sure why it's not in B132, found a definition in another piece of OpenSolaris code, popped it in worked perfect.

I even tried using the pkgbuild -ba on the spec files, it always used to work. This time I hit issues with build requirements for packages that do not show up in the package repository, SUNWgtkimageview being one of them needed by Evolution.

After half a day, I had everything built, fired up Evolution, it stretched over three of my compiz screens (could never get it to stop doing this), the all day events stretched over two days.

Conclusion, put 2.28.2 back onto the system, 2.29.90 will have to wait for awhile :-)