Oracle 11gR2 for x86 on Solaris is a winning combination!

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Last week I wrote a blog regarding Oracle 10g on Solaris, the title was:

Installing Oracle 10g for x86 on Solaris
I got some feed back asking if this problem still comes up when installing Oracle 11gR2?

I am glad to say that Oracle 11gR2 has been released and I am happy to announce, the perceived Solaris 10 problem does not exist in Oracle 11gR2. The Oracle Installation Documentation has been corrected and updated to reflect that /etc/system parameters in Solaris 10 has been deprecated. Since Solaris 10 came out in 2005, it has been using this better and improve mechanism for managing system resources. The perceived problem was caused by the previous documentation for installing Oracle 10g. It still reflected making changes for system kernel parameters by modifying the /etc/systems file, which again has been deprecated in Solaris 10 since it came out. I am guessing the problem was initially caused because Oracle 10g came out before Solaris 10.

Today however, Oracle 11gR2 documentation reflects how to verify and use Solaris 10 Resource Management. It shows how to verify, to create and how to use and manage Solaris 10 resource projects with Oracle. For more information and details regarding how to verify and set up Solaris 10 System Kernel parameters for Oracle 11gR2, please check the Oracle installation documentation as follows:

OracleŽ Database

Quick Installation Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2) for Solaris Operating System (x86-64)
Once you get the install documentation, please scroll down to chapter 6 for details. Below is an example snippet of the chapter title including the introduction paragraph that discusses configuring system kernel parameters for satisfying Oracle 11gR2 pre-requisites:

6 Configuring Kernel Parameters on Solaris 10

On Solaris 10, verify that the kernel parameters shown in the following table are set to values greater than or equal to the recommended value shown. The table also contains the resource controls that replace the /etc/system file for a specific kernel parameter. As Oracle Database does not set project information when starting processes, some /etc/system processes that are deprecated but not removed must still be set for Oracle Database.
The installation documentation basically goes through the steps for verifying system kernel parameter pre-requisites for installing Oracle 11gR2 on x86 for Solaris (much like I did in my previous blog for Oracle 10g).

So the installation should now be simple and straight forward. A happy installer makes for happy installations! Now go have some fun!