Last December SPEC released the SPECjEnterprise2010 benchmark, the third generation of Java Enterprise Edition performance tests from the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) consortium. The new benchmark tests Java EE 5.0's significantly expanded and simplified programming model, with a realistic workload stressing the entire system including JVM, middleware, Database, CPU, disk and servers. Yet although the benchmark test is much broader, it is simpler than ever to run because it takes advantage of Java EE 5.0 features and because it uses the open source Faban general purpose driver.

One of the most enjoyable duties of SPEC President is thanking the people from all the member institutions who make SPEC's success possible. I fear that it is all too easy for SPEC people's achievements to miss recognition, in our environment where their successes are most visible to their competitors rather than to their own management. So each January at the annual meeting we present awards to SPECtacular contributers. And now I write here to give them a bit of public recognition. I start this year with award recipients from the Java committee. Awards were presented by Alan Adamson (on right in photo, presenting award to Steve Realmuto). Alan is a SPEC Awards Committee member, member of the Board of Directors, and former chair of the Java committee.

Akara Sucharitakul - Oracle

The silent partner. Akara developed Faban, made it available to SPEC, and implemented new features needed to facilitate its use in SPECjEnterprise2010, so that the benchmark can be broader in scope and still be simpler to run.

Anil Kumar - Intel

The greenie. Although SPECjEnterprise2010 version 1.0 does not include an energy metric, the code is there thanks to Anil, awaiting adoption of suitable run and reporting rules.

Anoop Gupta - Oracle

The quiet achiever. Anoop seldom took part in the committee's sometimes raucous debates, because he was busy working on the code, making sure the workload is correct and correctly balanced.

Bernhard Riedhofer - SAP

Mr Specification. Berhnard speaks very quietly and politely , but the development group learned early on that when Bernhard speaks , it pays to listen. Of his many code contributions, those to make the database loader run truly parallel are going to be most appreciated by folks running large submissions.

David Keenan ? Oracle

The chair. The job of chairing one of SPEC's largest and sometimes fractious committees is not an easy one, particularly while running results review for 4 benchmarks plus development of two new benchmarks. David combines a soft touch with firm determination to get the job done.

John Stecher - IBM

The closer. At then end when "only" a few tough action items stood in the way of benchmark release, John got additional resources committed from IBM to "get this thing done," pitching in for plenty of the closing work himself too.

Rahul Biswas - Oracle

Mr WebServices. Rahul provided most of the web services code, plus the code and ant scripts to integrate the benchmark into the Faban harness.

Robert Wisniewski - IBM

The reporter. Rob wrote the reporter code and built the test kits. He also served as secretary: taking good notes is vital to an open development process of multiple (competing) vendors.

Saraswathy Narayan - Oracle

The architect. Sara took the time to make a deep study of the entire benchmark from a transactional and data flow perspective, ensuring the correctness and function of the database schema and benchmark data partitioning.

Steve Realmuto - Oracle

The chief of police. Steve contributed much to the organisation of the benchmark development effort, and helped the team follow SPEC policies. He was editor of the run rules, driving the review and ensuring correctness.

Tom Daly ? Oracle

The instigator. Tom was a relentless leader in driving the project forward, and a tireless worker in helping to push at every stage. The benchmark became a much richer and diverse test of Java middleware because of Tom?s influence.

Congratulations to these outstanding engineers, and to the entire SPEC Java team!