Today, the US offices of Sun are a fully owned legal entity of Oracle! Over the weekend, we - the US employees of Sun, who are still at Oracle- received our last Sun-stamped paycheck (I'm holding onto mine as a keepsake) and other things (like cashing out on the remainder of vacation as Sun employee, etc).

Its time to start a new phase. For me, personally and professionally. And for this blog, as an Oracle employee now.
Its not exactly a blank slate, but its the closest we will come to it, in this transition.

Having given my all to my previous employer, I fully expect to be able to do no less here at Oracle. The one thing that I am most looking forward to is stable predictability so I can plan my product(s), my group(s) and my own career in a more reliable manner. In 2009, I changed managers 5 times and whereas I shielded my group as much as I could, the turmoil of these changes, the RIFs (Reductions in Force, aka layoffs) at Sun and the rapidly changing environment in the last months at Sun was too much for even the admirably tenacious and resilient colleagues that I interacted with.

Now I hope and expect that phase is behind me. And the new dawn brings a new future.

My blogs have mostly talked about the Sun products that I have been associated with and moving forward, I hope to redouble my effort along these lines and maintain the same focus. So, here's to a new career in blogland!

PS. Ellison just brought back the America's Cup to America! This is a wonderful thing to associate with starting work for a new boss!