Sun is now finallypart of Oracle.

Its hard to put final thoughts about Sun into words. So I'll leave withthis Sun RIF image(get commerative T-shirtsand/or mugs here) that Sunuber-software-architect James Gosling drew as part of his farewellmessage.

Having worked at Sun for 21+ years, its hard to leave without a fewwords that I'd like to mumble out, anyway. I like Scott McNealy'sparting words ("Kicked Butt, Had Fun, Loved our Customers, NeverCheated, Changed Computing forever"), but I'd like to put in my own. Sohere goes:
  • Sun was one of the best employee friendly company I know. Sungave me an environment that nurtured my own technological and personalpursuits.
  • Sun always took the high road, sometimes even to the detriment ofits own business model.
  • Sun could look forward and had a clear vision of where thetechnological world was headed and was ready to lead the road there(sometimes, again, to the detriment of providing help in immediate,present day matters). Its amazing to see, in retrospect, how often Sungot it right.
  • Sun innovated like crazy, and is perhaps the most shining exampleof Silicon Valley technology opening up new and expanding presentmarkets.
  • Sun was decent. With its own employees. With managers andengineers alike. With customers. And even with its competitors. Sun(and sometimes I) had to fight FUD from other 3-letter companies (eg)but we never did it by putting them down. It wasnt just the decentthing to do, it was the Sun thing to do.
  • Sun was friendly and even-handed. Up and down the organizationalchart. I even remember when Scott McNealy (then-CEO) talked of how heproposed to his future-wife. I remember Scott giving out beer at earlybeer busts. I remember Scott in Sun's cafeteria and cosying up to theengineering types, who were a bit shy about wanting to talk to him(what do you say to the one guy who's the overwhelming reason you cameto Sun in the first place?). Sun was open-door. And it taught me as amanager to be equally friendly and open and that there was immensevalue in the (considered) opinion of every employee, from thenewly-graduated to the most distinguished, industry-recognized leader and thatthe best ideas dont come from personal job-titles but from applying intelligence andknowledge to the problem at hand.
  • Sun was forgiving. If you made an honest mistake, you never gotdinged for it but had a chance to learn from it. Learning from stumbles gave us alla chance to make Sun even better as a company.

And Sun was a fun place! From the innumerable April Fools pranks towater fights to Christmas parties to Beer Busts to "All Hands" meetingsto too many other events to remember and enumerate, working at Sun wassuch joy. When you combine technological excellence with enablingemployees to do their best, to caring for their families in the bestway to being the most open and open-minded workplace anywhere, ever,you create an environment that is unmatched.

There will never be another Sun. Never. So, thanks for the 21 or soyears. On a personal note, I know I will cherish my time here like noneother.

PS. Folks who have subscribed to my blog, thanx for listening for allthese years. Another chapter will emerge, but this one is now over. Seeyou on the other side.