It is nice and polite when application writes log. Especially when something went wrong it can help to track down the source of problem. JMESDK has several components which produce their own log files. Here they are:


  • This is core component for the product. It starts automatically and registers all devices and emulators. Since all communication goes through device-manager this log contains always the most important information.
  • Log file is placed into /user's home/javame-sdk/3.0/log/device-manager.log (windows) or /Users/username/Library/Application Support/javame-sdk/3.0/log/device-manager.log (MacOSX)

  • Emulator loads its skin and starts cldc or cdc virtual machine (VM). Emulator and VM write log under the emulator instance working directory /user's home/javame-sdk/3.0/work/(instance ID)/device.log. How to get the instance ID? When emulator starts, ID is displayed in window caption after the name of device.
mini IDE

  • JMESDK contains simple IDE which is built on top of Netbeans platform and thus uses platform logging mechanism. It writes log into /user's home/javame-sdk/toolbar/3.0/var/log/messages.log