I joined Sun a while ago (it's been more than 1 year already!) and one of my colleagues suggested the idea of starting a blog. I sometimes tend to leave things to the very last minute and with the European Commission finally approving Oracle's acquisition of Sun that might be now, so there I go!

My name is David. I was born and raised in Madrid and back in January 2008 I moved to Dublin to start a new life and see what the world was like outside Spain. Rainy... :)

I was living here for a while when I quit my previous job in Accenture to join Sun as a QA Engineer in PIT (Pre-Integration Testing). We test the core and networking of the Solaris systems there.

I started doing bits and bits to get to learn how our automated testing environment worked. I started integrating a few testsuites and keeping our lab in movement and, of course, analyzing failures and reporting a few bugs.
Then I was assigned a project to integrate a new technology to our testing system - iSCSI-boot - and I thought to myself "hey, developing is fun! hope there's more stuff to do here..". And there was..

I'm currently working in what's my biggest project to date: adapting our automated environment to IPS and AI.

And that's as far as this introduction goes. I'll post every now and then with information on the projects I'm working in, and random stuff.

íHasta la prˇxima!