So, we've come to an end and back to a beginning once again.

I'll have more to say in the coming week but there is a path forward for me & I'm sooooo ready to continue on working with engineers, ops people, academics, journalists, human resources professionals, lawyers and even sociologists & teenagers to build a better, more secure information world for myself, my family and for you.

I respect the power of information to impact our culture, our commerce and our community with others. We must build in as many technical mechanisms, craft sustainable & living policies that reflect our desire to build and protect rather than block & hide, and preserve our ethical drive to respect IP and PII as the critical assets they should be.

In short, my logo & paycheck may change but my mission will not.

We will not falter & we cannot fail. This is just too big.

Just an obscure thought,

Signing off to visit to do the Dennedy's bit to respect the people who would like to continue creating PII for many years to come.